Coulthard: Red Bull can be beaten

Wednesday 27-November-2013 12:19

David Coulthard believes the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren will challenge Red Bull for the Constructors' Championship title in 2014.

The former Red Bull driver revealed to the Daily Telegraph that he feels Red Bull remain the favourites, despite the spate of rules changes that come into effect, after winning their fourth consecutive Championship double in 2013, but that the other big spenders on the paddock will all have an opportunity to stake their claim.

"Red Bull start next season as favourites. No question. They are at the peak of their game. They have a stable management, the best designer, loads of money and a quadruple world champion driver," the Scot told the Daily Telegraph.

"Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes are not there to make up the numbers. They have deep pockets, too, and with the biggest regulation changes in a generation coming up in 2014, the opportunity is there for someone to swoop in.

"I have been through engine regulation changes before but nothing quite as dramatic as next season's switch to 1.6-litre turbos allied to vastly more potent energy recovery systems.

"Some fans are worried that it might become an 'efficiency' formula rather than an 'all-out racing' formula but let's wait and see. I think there may be some reliability issues at first but as teams get used to the new power units, we will see them push harder and harder."

The 13-time Grand Prix winner also believes Lewis Hamilton is capable of winning a second title if Mercedes develop a car the Briton is comfortable driving.

"Lewis Hamilton is a world-class driver and I have seen nothing to suggest that he is incapable of adapting [to the new rules]. His win in Hungary proved that he could work the tyres, drive quickly and sensibly, and claim wins in this formula," Coulthard continued.

"[Nic] Rosberg has proved a handful for him - perhaps more than many people expected - and the German enjoys the mental challenge of this new style of racing.

"But I am sure that if Mercedes give Lewis a car with which he is comfortable, he can win his second title."

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