'Foolish' to pit F1 against NASCAR

Friday 06-December-2013 05:59

Scheduling the US Grand Prix for the same weekend as the Texas Motor Speedway round of the NASCAR is a "foolish" decision, says Eddie Gossage.

Next season F1 will go head-to-head with NASCAR in Texas as both the Austin F1 grand prix and the Texan round of the American series are down to take place on 2nd November.

And at a time when Formula One is working its way into the American market, Gossage, president of Texas Motor Speedway, believes those in charge of the F1 schedule have made a "foolish" mistake.

"It's a foolish move by Formula One," said Gossage.

"Our two NASCAR Sprint Cup races draw the two largest crowds in Texas sports. It isn't the smartest move to try to compete with that.

"I'm sure regardless of what they say publicly, the folks at the Austin track are pulling their hair out over this one. They don't have any say over their date."

However, Circuit of the Americas' chairman Bobby Epstein says while the dates may clash, the two events drawn different crowds.

"Due to the large number of NASCAR events scheduled annually, there will occasionally be overlaps with events at Circuit of The Americas, and that will happen next year," Epstein said.

"However, there are few similarities between a NASCAR race and the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix weekend we have developed.

"We see this as a great opportunity to draw sports fans from around the world to Texas and to proving again that Austin is the place to enjoy premium racing and entertainment."

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