Renault could ask for engine dispensation

Saturday 15-February-2014 06:31

Should Renault fail to achieve reliability with their engine they could use a 'fair and equitable' rule that will allow them to make changes.

Later this month, all the engine manufacturers will have to put forward their engine for the season and that is what they will have to race throughout the Championship.

There are, however, some concerns about Renault's power unit after all their teams ran in trouble during the recent Jerez test.

Should Renault fail to iron out the problems before the 28 February deadline, head of track operations Remi Taffin says they could ask for permission to correct the defaults.

"If we have any reliability issues it's more difficult after you have applied for an engine for the year to make some changes," Taffin told Autosport.

"But there is still a 'fair and equitable' rule that exists that allows us to change any parts if we have any reliability problems, which we did in the past and I think we will still do it.

"Having said that, we are not saying we have massive issues on reliability because we have done some good tests on the dynos and we know that each part is working fine, we have to make it work together."

He added: "Where we are struggling is where we put everything into the car and have to get the most out of it.

"Because we are struggling to make everything work together, we have not actually got the performance we have from each [individual] component in terms of level of competitiveness."

Taffin, though, downplayed the problems Renault are facing, insisting it is just a few issues that need to be resolved.

"The situation is definitely worse from the outside than from the inside.

"It's a difficult moment we will get through. We always said that it was so complex that if we have one or two problems that we have got to fix it is going to prevent you doing calibration or software development or so on.

"We have been facing problems which are not hundreds of problems, it's a few that we need to solve and as soon as we have done that, and I think we are 90 per cent into it."

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