Lowe hopes fuel saving won't dominate

Saturday 15-February-2014 11:39

Paddy Lowe has downplayed concerns about fuel saving this season, insisting it is nothing new in Formula One.

This year's Championship sees a new regulation implemented that limits drivers to just 100kgs of fuel per grand prix. That is roughly 60kgs less than what they used in 2013.

This has prompted some fears that the Championship could be won or lost on fuel saving.

And although Lowe admits he hopes it doesn't dominate the season, he concedes it is part of Formula One race.

"I think we're exaggerating that aspect," TotalRace quoted the Merc technical director as saying.

"Certainly it's a factor in the races but I hope we won't see it as a dominating factor

"There were occasions, we saw that last year, where it was stopping the driver, and Malaysia would be an example, from pushing to the limit every lap.

"This is sometimes very frustrating but the truth is this always occurred in F1, caring for fuel and tyres has always been a factor.

"So of course it will be a factor in 2014 but I hope it won't be so dominating that it diminishes the spectacle."

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