Ricciardo: No time to ease in

Sunday 09-March-2014 09:12

Daniel Ricciardo concedes he does not have time to ease into his Red Bull career given that the season begins with his home race in Australia.

Having made the swap from Toro Rosso to Red Bull in the off-season, Ricciardo has entered the big league along with all the pressure that goes with it.

That pressure will be even greater in Melbourne next weekend given that it is the Aussie's home grand prix and his team have struggled during pre-season testing.

"If we went to Malaysia or Bahrain for the first race then I'd be able to ease into my career with Infiniti Red Bull Racing but in Oz, I assume the weekend will be right up there in my face!" he admitted.

"I'll enjoy it and hopefully use the positive energy of the crowd to give me a good result."

The 24-year-old, though, is looking forward to the 58-lap grand prix.

"It's always good fun going to Melbourne, it's a great city and I like racing on street circuits," he added. "The Albert Park track is very bumpy and you have to contend with all the road markings - when it's wet those are very slippery!

"It also has some really good changes of direction with right-left, right-left turns in rapid succession. Full-time racing circuits tend to be very smooth and have plenty of grip.

"You don't get that with a street circuit: at the start of the weekend they're pretty dirty and gradually they clean up as cars sweep the racing line and put down rubber in the braking zones.

"It's nice to feel the track evolve underneath your car and know that it's going to get quicker throughout each session. Albert Park always tends to be a pretty exciting race."

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