Bernie: I told you so

Tuesday 18-March-2014 11:29

Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone admits he has had numerous complaints about the lack of noise from F1's latest machinery.

The new V6 engines made their debut at the season opener, but many people were unimpressed and Australian Grand Prix Corporation chief executive Andrew Westacott confirmed their chairman Ron Walker has talked to Ecclestone about the low noise levels.

He added that they are "very, very seriously" looking into a breach of contract as they feel they are not getting what they are paying for.

"I've had one or two promoters get in touch with me today and they said how unhappy they are," Ecclestone told Reuters.

"I spoke to [the Ferrari president] Luca di Montezemolo just now and Luca said he's never had as many emails on his desk complaining and saying this isn't Formula One."

F1 switched from V8 power to V6 single-turbos for this campaign, but Ecclestone says he knew that it was not the way to go.

"I'm disappointed that I was right when I said what was going to happen. I'm sorry that it's happened," he said.

As for the possibility of promoters being able to renegotiate their contracts downwards because of the low noise levels, he replied: "It's not [a concern] at the moment but it could well be. If the promoters say: 'Listen, this ain't what I bought and I ain't going to pay for it, or I don't want to pay as much' or whatever, then it is a concern.

"We give the teams a percentage of the revenue we receive. So if we are receiving less revenue, whatever the case may be, certainly the teams wouldn't get as much. So it's going to cost them."

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