Hamilton wants to continue improving

Thursday 10-April-2014 13:39

After winning in Malaysia and Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton admitted that he is looking forward to working on more improving his Mercedes ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix later this month.

Hamilton didn't have the opportunity to work on improving his career during this week's test at the Bahrain International Circuit. Instead, he focused more on testing tyres for Pirelli.

Nevertheless, Hamilton noted that his focus will return to improving areas of the car he has struggled with so far during the season as soon as he gets back to Mercedes factory.

"To be honest I haven't thought about [China] yet," Hamilton said told

"Last week is still fresh in my mind, I've got some work to do in the factory this week and I've got to make some improvements for the next race.

"Driving an F1 car is never boring but lap after lap after lap ... it's more fun when you're doing a test for the car when you're testing different things and you're learning about the car, but on a tyre test they just give you tyres and you drive and drive and drive, so it's not a test I wish to do again!

"They haven't told me anything, they just give me the drivers and I just drive, and I tell them how it feels."

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