Warwick: Penalty points working well

Saturday 03-May-2014 06:51

Derek Warwick, who at times takes the role of F1 race steward, believes the sport's new penalty points system is "working."

This season F1 has introduced a new penalty points system with drivers amassing points for certain infringements. Should any driver net 12 within a 12-month period, he will incur a one-race ban.

After four grands prix, five drivers have already got points on their licences with Jules Bianchi leading the way with four points.

"I think it is working," Warwick told Sky Sports News.

"Maybe at the end of this year we might have to change a few things. Maybe the amount of penalty points for certain incidents - maybe some are too high, some are too low.

"[FIA Race Director] Charlie [Whiting]'s very good at looking at the end of the season and maybe changing that slightly."

As for the potential ban the drivers face, the former Arrows and Renault driver said: "If somebody gets enough penalty points and they are then forced to miss a grand prix it's because they have been driving badly all year. So the system is good.

"It's no different to the road: if I go speeding three or four times I'm going to lose my licence - and that's how it should be."

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