'Smedley criticism out of order'

Friday 13-June-2014 08:35

Patrick Head feels Rob Smedley crossed the line in his criticism of Force India but says he understands where it came from.

Last Sunday, racing near the front of the field, Felipe Massa was involved in a collision with Force India's Sergio Perez.

The Mexican driver, who was struggling with his brakes on the penultimate lap, was deemed responsible for the frightening crash that saw both drivers slam into the barriers.

Smedley hit out at Force India, saying Perez's brake issue was "a fairly f*****g terminal problem" before adding "why you leave a car out when you've got that sort of problem is beyond me."

The Williams head of vehicle performance was "a bit peeved to say the least."

As expected, Perez responded to the comments, saying he was "not happy" and that his VJM07 was "perfectly driveable."

However, surprisingly another person who feels Smedley was out of line is Williams co-founder Head.

"It was certainly a good opportunity and any team that starts fourth and fifth on the grid if you finish with one car seventh you're going to be very disappointed," Head told Sky Sports F1.

"I saw that Rob Smedley, the operations manager, had criticised Force India, which I think was a bit out of order.

"But it told me that he was massively disappointed after the race, and I think they would be and they should be as well."

As for Williams' season, Head believes the team has under-achieved as he says the FW36 is capable of better results.

"Williams have really not achieved what the car is capable of this year and they know that.

"Here was another event where that happened. It's something that I'm sure they will put right."

Asked whether the team could take 'a lot of positives' away from Montreal, he added: "Yes but it's like a lot of things, you don't really want to walk away with a lot of bluster, you want to walk away with a lot of points.

"Those are a bit missing for now."

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