Raikkonen admits Ferrari frustration

Tuesday 24-June-2014 08:50

Kimi Raikkonen has admitted that he is frustrated after being told to take care of his brakes as early as the second lap during last week's Austrian Grand Prix.

Ferrari's lack of power was apparent during last week's race at the Red Bull Arena, and while Fernando Alonso finished in an admirable fifth place, Raikkonen could only get 10th after struggling with the handling of his F14 T.

Considering Ferrari's current plight, Raikkonen is of the opinion that both he and Alonso should be allowed to push the car to its limits in the hope of posting better results.

"We had to go down [on the engine settings] but also after two laps I had brake issues," the 2007 World Champion explained to Autosport.

"They asked me to cool the brakes but I was trying to fight against the other guys. So it was quite difficult after two laps being asked to slow down for brake issues.

"We know those kinds of things should not be happening, and we have to fix them. We cannot go into the race and start slowing down after two laps because of issues like that.

"We are not fast enough for giving up points, so there is more work to do to get there."

The Finn was also asked about Ferrari's progress during the year and if the car has improved significantly, to which he replied in the negative.

"I think we are more or less in the same place," the Finn added.

"I think it depends a lot to do with the layout of the circuit, how it is for each team.

"[Austria] has long straights and the Mercedes powered cars seem to be working. But we have improved for sure in various places, and the car is much more together from the first race.

"But we need much bigger improvements on the engine and aero and those kind of things to get where the Mercedes guys are."

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