Alonso's not ruling out a podium

Saturday 26-October-2013 13:35

Fernando Alonso believes his "random" strategy in India could reap rewards but only if his rivals' soft tyres go off the boil quickly.

This weekend in India, drivers have been a vast difference between the two Pirelli compounds.

While the soft are worth a full second a lap in terms of pace, they quickly drop off and begin to grain. In contract the mediums are slower but last longer.

This resulted in four drivers in the top ten opting to qualify on the mediums with Mark Webber fourth and Alonso eighth ahead of the two McLarens.

And Alonso reckons should his gamble pay off he could even be on the podium in Sunday's Indian GP.

"It will depend how the soft tyres behave but I think so," he told ESPNF1 when asked if a podium was a possibility.

"If we have the pace and the car is responding well like it did in qualifying with a good performance, the soft has some problems, people start pitting and going in to heavy traffic then maybe the race win will be between Webber and me.

"If the soft tyres are lasting longer than expected and they go much longer on the first stint, it will be difficult to recover places.

"So it's not in our hands, it's not in the strategy's hands, it's in the coin because nobody knows how the soft tyres will behave. On Friday I did 15 or 16 laps on the soft tyres - not in a very good pace but I did some laps - and this morning I did three.

"So I think set to set it depends; it's a random tyre and you need to be lucky with the set you put on tomorrow."

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