Maldonado confirms engine problem

Tuesday 08-April-2014 17:08

Pastor Maldonado was left to lament yet another engine issue that kept his running down to just 16 laps on Day One at Bahrain.

The Venezuelan driver was entrusted with the E22 on the first day of the in-season, however, spent any time out on track.

A slow start was followed by a few brief runs but it all came to an end around the lunch break.

"It was a problem around the engine," Maldonado told "Still they are working hard to know better.

"Again it's some issues around the power unit and the complex stuff."

The Lotus driver confirmed that the team had hoped to test a few software updates for their Renault engine but never got around to it.

"Something in the software but in the end we've not been able to test it because this morning we've been more focused on the aero and we were supposed to test some different things in the engine as well."

Maldonado, though, downplayed Tuesday's issue, billing it as a "mistake" more than a major problem, adding: "We need to check what happened in there with the Renault guys.

"Testing is for this; we don't want to lose time during the races and sometimes it's better to be on track but it's not affecting us that much to be honest.

"Tomorrow we have another day so I hope Romain [Grosjean] can continue with the plan and hopefully it's a better day for the team."

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