Perez: No contact with McLaren

Thursday 20-September-2012 13:20

Sergio Perez has denied reports that McLaren have approached him as a possible replacement should Lewis Hamilton leave.

Having claimed his third podium result of this campaign at Monza, reports emerged claiming that McLaren were interested in signing Perez.

The Woking team, it was reported, are looking to the Mexican driver as their 'B' option should Hamilton move to Mercedes.

Perez, though, has denied the stories, saying they are just rumours.

"Regarding the McLaren rumour, there are so many rumours around. Before it was Ferrari and now it's with McLaren," he said during Thursday's FIA press conference.

"Always when I have a good race they [the media] put me in a different team.

"The most important thing is to keep doing a good job and to maximise the car's potential we have for the next races."

Pressed as to whether McLaren had approached him, he said: "No, no."

The Sauber driver, though, did not rule out the possibility of one day racing for McLaren, revealing that his place in the Ferrari Drivers' Acadamey does not forbid him from heading to one of their main rivals.

"I have a nice connection to Ferrari through the Ferrari Academy, but I'm just part of the Ferrari Academy - not part of the Ferrari team. So it doesn't affect [decisions on his future]."

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