Drug testers swoop on F1 drivers

Wednesday 06-March-2013 10:27

Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo all got a rude awakening this week when they were paid visits by drug testers.

Officials from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) gave Ferrari driver Alonso an early morning surprise when they arrived barely after the sun came out on Tuesday.

"06:42h. Control antidoping [sic]," the double World Champion tweeted while McLaren's Perez also confirmed that he was forced to wake up early to provide a urine sample.

Torro Rosso racer Ricciardo also had visitors very early in at his home and he admits he felt a little awkward.

"Got drug tested early hours this morning," the Australian tweeted.

He added: "All of a sudden p*****g in your own home becomes difficult with someone staring over your shoulder."

WADA drug testing not only takes place during grands prix, but also out of competition and drivers can either be tested random or on a predetermined date.

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