McLaren 'closer' to confirming line-up

Monday 14-October-2013 13:21

Martin Whitmarsh is "closer" to confirming Jenson Button's 2014 team-mate - but only by a day.

Although it is widely believed that Sergio Perez will remain on the payroll for next year's Championship, McLaren have yet to rubberstamp the Mexican driver's new deal.

Asked whether he was 'any closer to confirming' his second driver, the McLaren team boss simply told Sky Sports F1: "Yes."

Pressed as to whether it would Perez, he refused to shed any light, saying: "I'm closer because I'm one day closer than I was yesterday and, guess what, tomorrow I will be one day closer as well!"

Whitmarsh added that McLaren are in no rush to confirm Button's team-mate but rather are bidding their time.

"I've said all along 'let's have a few races go by and then let's have a chat', and that's exactly what we are going to do.

"There's no tearing rush to do this at the moment. I know it's an interesting story - and a whole load of spurious stories stem from it - but we are in no hurry."

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