Perez in favour of stewards' leniency

Thursday 17-July-2014 08:03

Sergio Perez believes Formula 1 has made the right decision in telling stewards to give drivers more leeway to race.

Midway through June, the FIA instructed race stewards to be more lenient on drivers, only penalising the more serious infringements.

This decision, though, came too late for Perez who was held responsible for crashing into Felipe Massa in the Canadian GP.

The Force India driver was hit with a penalty for the following race in Austria, a punishment that he felt was unfair.

One race later he was the victim when Jean-Eric Vergne pushed him off the track at the start of the British GP.

Perez returned to the action and recovered to finish 11th. Vergne was not penalised.

"If it's the way we are going to approach racing now it's probably the right way," Perez told Autosport.

"Vergne came to apologise after the race because he just overshot the corner while fighting two other cars.

"If they are going to take that approach we have to be consistent through the season and not penalise someone else if the same thing happens in the future."

Perez, however, stopped short of agreeing with Niki Lauda that all issues should be left to the drivers to resolve.

"To a point he's right, but we must have limits.

"In my opinion, what they gave me a penalty for in Montreal was a bit too much, because we both did our bit to collide.

"After that they changed the rule so in the future if that happened they are probably not going to give any penalty, which I think is quite fair and quite correct.

"If a driver makes a very obvious mistake and ruins the race of the other driver, there should be a penalty, but not in such difficult cases as the one we had in Montreal.

"We need to find a balance."

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