Ricciardo not fazed by rivals showing

Sunday 02-February-2014 07:11

In the aftermath of a disastrous week for his new team Red Bull Racing, Daniel Ricciardo insists he's not paying attention to what his rivals are doing.

Red Bull had undoubtedly the worst week possible at Jerez, the first of three pre-season tests.

The test started on Tuesday with just three installation laps for Sebastian Vettel and ended on Friday with only seven for Daniel Ricciardo before a mechanical problem put him out of the running.

The two drivers managed a total of 21 laps between them as engine supplier Renault had battery store problems while Red Bull's new RB10 was prone to overheating.

But while the Bulls struggled for laps the same cannot be said of Mercedes, who finished runner-up in last year's Championship, and covered 309 laps over the four days.

However, according to Ricciardo, who wasn't really paying "so much" attention to his rivals, the Mercs may be reliable but they are off the pace.

"I don't think it adds pressure," he told when asked about Merc's mileage compared to Red Bull's. "I didn't look so much [at what they were doing].

"I guess I was trying to get going on our team, but obviously I think Mercedes did quite a few laps.

"So in terms of reliability they look good for now, but for speed they could be doing 100 laps a day but a second or so off the pace - who knows.

"It's hard to really know yet. We are not going to read into it. Obviously we would have loved to have done more laps [ourselves]. But we are not going to get down about it."

The Aussie, who has joined Red Bull from junior team Toro Rosso, once again downplayed the impact the lack of laps will have on Red Bull's preparations for the upcoming season.

"I don't think it is going to affect that. We do have the best team in the world and they are going to turn this thing around. Okay, it didn't work so good the last few days, but the confidence I have in these guys to solve the problem we have now is higher than it could be.

"It is not like the season has started yet. We have still got a long time to get it back. For me it is alright. The few laps I did in the car, it still feels like a race car - it is not anything that is out of the ordinary. I am sure once it gets going I won't feel out of place.

"Obviously from now we need to do more laps than we did here. But at the same time as long as we are running good in Melbourne, and I am sure the car will be competitive, then that is all we need at the end of the day. We will see. Obviously the plan is to get more running in Bahrain.

"[All-in-all] I have still got a smile on my face and I know we won't have these conversations for too much longer."

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