Red Bull confirm Ricciardo appeal

Thursday 20-March-2014 13:53

Red Bull confirmed that a formal appeal has been launched against the exclusion of Daniel Ricciardo from the Australian Grand Prix.

The Australian finished second in his home Grand Prix - his first for Red Bull - but was disqualified after the race when it became clear that Red Bull had ignored the FIA's warnings about illegal fuel flow readings.

The team immediately served notice of their intention to appeal, but was given 96 hours by the FIA to formalise their application.

The FIA claims that the Milton Keynes team was made aware on several occasions during the race that the fuel sensors were indicating illegal limits, but Red Bull replied that the device was faulty and that they haven't breached regulations.

According to FIA regulations, this year's F1 cars are allowed a maximum of 100kgs of fuel - significantly less than the 140-150kg of previous years - and are allowed a maximum fuel rate of 100kg per hour. The readings on Ricciardo's car indicated that he exceeded the limit consistently during the race.

A date for hearing in front of the FIA's Court of Appeal hasn't been decided yet.

With the outcome of the appeal still pending, the podium finishes of McLaren duo Kevin Magnussen and Jenson Button remain provisional.

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