Ricciardo's earned Red Bull's 'trust'

Friday 09-May-2014 07:52

Daniel Ricciardo believes Red Bull have began to "build" around him as well as Sebastian Vettel in light of his current form.

Stepping up from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing at the start of this season, Ricciardo has shown some great pace.

Not only has he edged Vettel in three of four qualifying sessions but in twice the German has been asked to move over to allow his faster team-mate through.

Asked by Autosport if 'he felt the team's perception of him had changed', he responded: "I think so.

"I'm not saying they didn't believe in me, but now I've had some good results that's given me confidence, and that makes my feedback come across as much more precise and I think they have more reason to trust me.

"The team has really started to build around both of us."

The Aussie, though, downplayed the possibility of him becoming Red Bull's team leader ahead of the four-time World Champ.

"I'd say we're on an even playing field," he said.

"It's still too early for the team to say: 'you're the number one guy, let's listen to you and not really listen to the other guy'. We have to see.

"If it continued like this up to August then maybe everything will change but it's definitely still too early.

"Seb's got quite a lot more experience than me, he's still providing a lot of good feedback and to be honest I'm still learning, even in the debriefs, trying to understand the best way to get my point across."

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