Vergne: No sense being angry

Monday 24-September-2012 12:03

Jean-Eric Vergne has accepted Michael Schumacher's apology, saying at times even the most experienced driver can make mistakes.

Schumacher put the Frenchman out of Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix when he slammed into the back of his Toro Rosso after the first Safety Car period.

It was a hard hit as Vergne had been braking for the corner while Schumacher, despite pumping hard on the brakes, was still going at speed.

Vergne, though, has refused to hit out at the German.

"There is no sense in being angry about it," he said.

"These things happen in racing and even the most experienced driver on the grid can make mistakes!"

As for his explanation of the accident, he said: "I was focussing on catching (Sergio) Perez at that point, trying to brake late to catch him.

"So I am not too sure what happened exactly, but I assume Michael braked a bit too late and could not avoid running in to me.

"It's just a shame it did not end with the points for eighth or maybe even seventh place."

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