Vergne 'not jealous' of Ricciardo

Saturday 07-September-2013 12:02

Jean-Eric Vergne is adamant he's "not jealous" after Red Bull named his Toro Rosso team-mate as their new 2014 driver.

Earlier this week, Red Bull confirmed that Ricciardo would race for the team next season having signed a multi-year deal.

The announcement leaves Vergne facing a third season with Toro Rosso having missed out on the big one.

"I understand," he told Autosport when asked if he 'accepted' the decision.

"He [Ricciardo] is better than me on certain aspects, but I think I'm better than him in certain aspects as well.

"Right now, it's a bit disappointing but who knows? In the future, maybe it will be a good thing to stay at Toro Rosso and get one more year to learn everything and get more experience."

The Frenchman is not now looking to prove Red Bull wrong as he feels his results speak for themselves.

"I don't need to prove that I can be in the seat, when you look at Daniel's results and mine they are really similar," he said.

"I ended up with more points last year and I have more points than him right now.

"It does not mean I am a better driver and he has done some things better than me but he has more experience.

"Looking at his performance and mine, I think I could get the seat as well."

He added: "Of course I'm not jealous, I am really happy for him. Red Bull took the right decision to take a Red Bull driver next year.

"[For me] it's really about having the best season possible with Toro Rosso."

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