Vergne hails improved mentality

Monday 10-February-2014 08:06

Jean-Eric Vergne believes Toro Rosso focus has changed, moving away from a small team mindset to one that wants to be a top-five outfit.

In recent years Toro Rosso have failed to make any notable impact on the standings, finishing either eighth or ninth in the last four years.

However, with a host of new regulations, including the introduction of 1.6-litre V6 engines, Vergne reckons this could be the season that Toro Rosso's improved mentality could yield the results.

"I think it changed a lot," he said in an interview with "Especially from last year to this year the change is massive.

"Of course there are the new rules; we have the new engine supplier so the work relationship with Renault is a lot different. Obviously for me they're French so it is really good to be with them and to be able to talk a lot; I think the relationship is already getting quite good.

"I think the mentality has changed. It definitely wants to be a good team that can fight in the top five teams more often - compared to last year and compared to other years previously - and therefore they needed to make a lot of changes.

"Change in Formula One doesn't arrive in one year, it is still a long process that is going on and the curve going up is quite impressive from Toro Rosso."

The Frenchman, though, admits it is up to Toro Rosso to put together a run of results that demonstrate the improvements.

"I really hope that this year everybody will see that it definitely improved a lot because last year I don't think was a good year for us. We haven't shown any progression even though everything in the team was changing."

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