Chilton: I'm here because of talent

Monday 20-May-2013 06:09

Max Chilton says being called a rich kid inspires him to prove to others that he's in F1 for more reasons that just his father's money.

The 22-year-old's path to Formula One was bankrolled by his father Grahame, who is not only the vice-chairman of insurance giant Aon but also the head of Carlin.

And although Chilton has driven for teams other than Carlin, his father has helped him throughout his motor racing career resulting in others questioning whether the 'rich kid' deserves his place.

"I've had it all my career, that negativity, that sentence which always gets used," he told the Telegraph.

"You have to put it behind you because it's complete rubbish - it's fuel, to drive you on to be even better. I put it behind me years ago. I'm a racing driver with a team and people who believe in me."

He added: "Sometimes, people are critical and use my father's support as something against me.

"But ultimately an F1 team would never accept you unless you could do the job.

"I am here to become a race-winner and, I hope, a World Champion. I do this to prove things to myself. I know that I am good enough."

In fact these days it is not his father who is backing his career, rather it's a group of 13 blue-chip sponsors - although they were found through his father's connections. Each of those sponsors holds shares in Chilton and his career.

"We call it selling my leg. It's a complete network, and it has taken a long time to acquire it."

Chilton added that he never even discussed his father providing the money for his debut season in Formula One as it was "the only stage where I didn't want him to help me.

"We never even talked about it. He has always been passionate about racing, and I have been passionate about winning. Clearly, I couldn't have got to a certain level without him, but no one in junior categories could without a major sponsor."

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