Chilton chasing first Championship point

Sunday 12-January-2014 07:24

Max Chilton believes securing their maiden World Championship point is a realistic goal for Marussia this season.

On Saturday the team confirmed that Chilton had retained his seat for a second season and would partner Jules Bianchi.

The team opted for continuity in light of the major overhaul in the sport's engine regulations, which includes the introduction of 1.6-litre V6 engines and a limit of just 100kgs of fuel per race.

Chilton is hoping to take advantage of those changes as many expect a bit of upheaval and more than a few retirements while the teams find their footing.

"For sure that is our target - you have got aim high, but you don't want to be unrealistic," the 22-year-old told Sky Sports Online.

"I think with these big rule changes, you only have to do a few things right to go up and the top teams only have to do a few things wrong to drop down.

"For the first few races things will be very mixed up."

Marussia, though, won't only be changing the size of their engine but also the supplier as the team has swapped to Ferrari power.

"We all know Ferrari make fantastic cars and Scuderia Ferrari make fantastic Ferrari F1 engines," the Brit added.

"I think that hopefully when we get to grips with the car in Jerez, it will perform to how we want it to perform."

As for his decision to remain with Marussia, Chilton is hoping that the continuity in the driver line-up will give the team the opportunity to focus more on development of the car.

"I got to know the team really well over 2012 and 2013, it is not a big team - it is maybe 200 people, compared to some teams which have 600 or 700 - so it keeps that nice family feel.

"I think continuity is key and we can go into next year with the same driver line-up which really does help.

"It means we can spend our time developing the car as quickly as we can instead of starting to get to know each other which a lot of the other teams will be doing."

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