Chilton: Kimi clash cost me

Friday 06-June-2014 08:59

Max Chilton believes he would have finished in the points at the Monaco Grand Prix had he not collided with Kimi Raikkonen.

The front wing on Chilton's Marussia was broken after he collided with the rear of Raikkonen's Ferrari when he tried to unlap himself under the safety car.

Chilton added that Raikkonen was aware t hat he was trying to overtake him and could have prevented the accident.

"You pass the safety car line twice and normally Charlie [Whiting] gives the message that the cars can now overtake the cars in front," Chilton told Autosport.

"I came in to Turn 1 [Sainte Devote] and asked my engineer, 'when are we going to be allowed to overtake the cars in front?

"By the time I got to Casino my engineer said 'OK, now overtake'. So I came out of Casino, following Kimi and I stayed to the right, the whole way down into Mirabeau.

"He was on the left. I didn't lunge him - I just showed my nose. And to me he turned in late. I thought he had seen me and let me go."

Even though the episode wasn't investigated after the stewards ruled that it was a normal racing incident, Chilton believes he couldn't prevent the accident after Raikkonen turned into the corner.

"I would do it again [like that]," he continued

"I thought it was an open move but Kimi didn't see me. It was slightly frustrating.

"It wasn't a lunge. I saw his onboard, he did his belts up, did a dial change, turned in and then looked in his mirror.

"I have never been in a top team and I don't know if they get a message, but I would have thought they would get a message saying, 'watch out there will be cars'. I would look in my mirror and then turn.

"It was annoying as he was on for a good race and I think we could have been in the top 10."

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