Bianchi targets points finishes

Thursday 06-February-2014 12:11

Jules Bianchi believes Marussia are capable of achieving regular points finishes in 2014 under the new engine and aerodynamic specifications.

In its four seasons in Formula One, Marussia or its predecessor Virgin, has failed to pick up a single point, but after switching to Ferrari engines, Bianchi believes the Moscow-based team is finally capable of taking the next step.

"We are realistic but we also want to be in a position to score points," Bianchi told on Thursday.

"So for sure we will try to be at the end of the race in Melbourne and at the end of other races. But hopefully maybe we will be in a position to fight for points in regular situations. So that's what we want. We know what we can do, we know that we're a small team but we know that we want to score points."

Graeme Lowdon, Marussia's sporting director, agreed with Bianchi, adding that the team hopes to be capable of finishing in the points based on their pace and won't bank on reliability to secure top 10 finishes.

"I don't think it's unusual and it's not a negative thing that we have spent the last few years catching up to a large extent. We had to start form a standing start and a standing start pointing in a totally different direction; we designed a car for a cost cap which was incredibly low and had to go from that direction to racing against almost unrestricted resources," Lowdon noted.

"We're trying to be racy.

"We've constantly tried to improve the competitiveness of the car and I certainly hope we've made another step change on how competitive the car will be as well. At no point have we said 'What we should do here is run round slow with a heavy car and see who falls off', that's never been the strategy.

"We want to push because to move forwards in this sport you've got to keep pushing forwards, and I think that's what we'll be looking to do this year."

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