Iconic Dunlop Bridge dismantled at Donington

Friday 13-February-2009 05:36

Work continues to get Donington Park ready to host the 2010 British GP with the iconic Dunlop Bridge being dismantled on Thursday.

The bridge, which is widely linked with the circuit and its history, came down on Thursday and circuit boss Simon Gillett revealing that it wil be stored before later being set-up somewhere around the circuit.

The bridge, though, is unlikely to go over the actual track as the new layout is too wide for the bridge.

"We're storing it, and then we're going to decide where it is going to go," Gillett said.

"Maybe (we'll) change the 'Dunlop' to 'Donington' but in the same typeface. Part of the problem with the Dunlop Bridge is that MotoGP is Michelin, it's Pirelli for World Superbikes, Bridgestone for F1, so commercially you can't have it.

"There is the safety point of view because of the width of it, and also the location because the new pits and paddock are going there.

"So there are lots of reasons - it's current location is wrong, it is not wide enough, and then there are the commercial reasons... we'd be constantly painting over the Dunlop.

"So it just couldn't stay. But we'll find a home for it. It won't work over the track, but it will be somewhere nearby."

Meanwhile, after weeks of criticism, Gillett is finally getting some support for his revamp and vision for Donington Park.

"It's exciting that Formula One will be here, especially with all the changes," said Haslam, one of many who 'drove' the new circuit via an F1 simulator," said World Superbikes rider Leon Haslam.

"For a long time Simon has had plans, he has never wavered from them, and now they're coming on.

"It's not like he has said he is going to do this or that and it has not happened. It is happening and for me to be a part of it is fantastic.

"Formula One is going to be a massive attraction and, with World Superbikes on the way up as well, it's great a circuit like this - especially in these tough times - can make plans for the future.

"What Simon is doing is something people only normally dream of, and may never happen, but he is making it happen.

"Of course, he is going to get criticism because he is trying to achieve something people have wished for for a long time.

"At the moment, everything is heading in the right direction and he is going to achieve everything he has been talking about.

"From my point (of view), you can't criticise someone for going after their dream."

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