Virgin to introduce major updates

Sunday 04-September-2011 13:14

Virgin Racing will reportedly introduce a major update to the rear of their MVR02 ahead of next weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

The team has struggled this season, falling short of their own expectations and their main rivals, Team Lotus.

Virgin's woes resulted in the team parting ways with Nick Wirth and bringing in technical consultant Pat Symonds, who opted to delay the introduction of the new rear until the Italian GP.

"We had an update in the pipeline for Silverstone, and we sidelined it because we did not think it was worth the effort at the time," team boss John Booth told Autosport.

"But as Pat got to grips with the CFD evaluation of it, and looked into it a bit deeper, he thought it was well worth doing, so he pressed the button on that. We will have it, all being well, for Monza."

As for the updates, Booth explained: "It is engine cover, sidepods, exhaust, and rear floor. Obviously there will be a Monza wing as well, but this bodywork package will be on for the rest of the year. It will pull the whole back of the car in much tighter.

"That has not really interrupted our 2012 progress because much of the design work was done; it was just a question of tidying it up and accommodating it."

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