Camber limit for Monza reduced

Wednesday 07-September-2011 10:38

Pirelli has informed teams that their recommended camber limits for the Italian GP will be more conservative following the Spa tyre debacle.

There was plenty of finger pointing following the Belgian Grand Prix after several drivers suffered blistering on the outside shoulder of their front tyres during qualifying. Some teams, with Red Bull leading the way, called on Pirelli and the FIA to allow them to replace the front rubber for the race, but the request was denied.

Red Bull responded by pitting both their drivers early in the race, but the team's technical chief Adrian Newey admitted afterwards that he feared for the safety of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Pirelli in turn accused the Milton Keynes-based team of running camber outside of a recommended four-degree limit.

The Italian manufacturer though is determined to avoid similar problems at Monza this weekend and has issued a more conservative camber recommendation.

According to Autosport, 'teams have been told by Pirelli that the maximum limit it wants to see used at Monza is 3.75 degrees - which is a level that it feels will ensure no overheating problems on the straights but will also not hinder teams through the high-speed corners or chicanes'.

Pirelli's director of motorsport Paul Hembery added: "We've given slightly reduced limits to be slight more cautious. From the data we've seen, Monza is likely to be in some regards similar in severity to Spa. However, we will obviously have some dry running for once judging by the forecast - and with more cautious limits we will be fine.

"We couldn't go any more conservative than the limit we have set, because then you could have a problem in the curves with the camber not recovering. We have to be careful with these things, but we believe we've set a reasonable level for the teams to be at."

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