Concern growing over German GP

Wednesday 14-November-2012 15:53

Amidst reports that the Nurburgring will no longer host F1, Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer has said his city is not in talks to hold the race in 2013.

The German Grand Prix alternates between the Nurburgring and Hockenheim, with the former scheduled to hold the race in the middle of July next year.

However, the Nurburgring is in the midst of an insolvency process and a spokesman has been quoted as telling the DPA news agency that there will be "no more Formula One" at the track.

Hockenheim has previously stated that they are unable to cope with the financial burden of hosting the race every year and mayor Gummer has revealed that despite the cloud hanging over the Nurburgring, negotiations are not on the go to switch the race to Hockenheim.

"It is the case that we are, of course, in constant contact but it has never led to negotiations on a Formula One event in Hockenheim in 2013," Gummer told DPA.

"Before a grand prix in Germany goes we would in any case be prepared to talk, but priority has in any case Nuerburgring," he added.

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