Alonso: What will happen will happen

Thursday 22-November-2012 08:06

A pragmatic Fernando Alonso concedes all Ferrari can do in Brazil is everything "perfectly" - the rest is not up to them.

The double World Champion heads into Sunday's showdown in Sao Paulo needing nothing short of a podium finish to even stand a chance of beating Sebastian vettel to the crown.

After that, the rest is up to Red Bull and Lady Luck.

"There are 71 laps to go that will decide the final outcome: the efforts of several months will all come down to a very short space of time," said Alonso.

"Then what will happen will happen and the important thing is that we do everything perfectly: then only luck can be out of our hands.

"We know that a place on the podium alone could be enough. I have confidence in myself and in the team and we will fight right to the end."

The Ferrari admits he goes into the grand prix with a car that is "not super competitive" nor does he expect it to suddenly improve as the team will only be taking a "few small" upgrades to Interlagos.

"We are honest with ourselves and our fans: we know we are not super competitive, but if we are still in the running, it's down to the team which is the best of the lot.

"We will have a few small updates, but the others will have done the same, so the situation won't change much. Maybe finding a good set-up can make the difference or the way the car suits the circuit."

This season is not the first time that Alonso and Vettel have gone into the final race of the Championship fighting for the crown.

In 2010 it was the Red Bull racer who was disadvantaged as he trailed Alonso and his own team-mate Mark Webber. However, a victory in Abu Dhabi while Alonso and Webber were stuck in traffic assured the German of his first crown.

"Would a win be revenge for 2010 in Abu Dhabi?" Alonso said. "No, I think it would just be happiness for us, as for 99 percent of the people, although maybe not for those at Red Bull...

"Ferrari is something special, with everyone giving 100 percent and even more, because they feel part of this family: not just in Formula 1 but also on the commercial side, because when they see a Ferrari drive by on the road, they know that a part of that car, even if it's very small is made by them."

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