Whitmarsh: F1 needs an Agreement

Thursday 07-February-2013 11:36

As Bernie Ecclestone prepared to meet with the F1 teams, Martin Whitmarsh urged his rival team bosses to stop the in-fighting and agree a new Concorde Agreement.

With just over a month before the start of the new season, Formula One is without a Concorde Agreement as it expired at the end of last season.

To date the teams have failed to reach a consensus on a new deal, leaving the sport in limbo.

"We're good a creating crises in our sport and we're good at not sorting them out," Whitmarsh told ESPNF1.

"We need to have somebody come out and say 'peace in our time', wave a bit of paper and say 'here's a new Concorde Agreement'. But I'm not sure everyone is motivated to do it."

The McLaren team boss added that the teams cannot blame Ecclestone for all their troubles, rather they should take responsibility and work together.

"At the moment Bernie's doing a fantastic job for the owners. We can criticise Bernie, but he's doing his job better than we're doing.

"On behalf of his employers, that money is coming out of our sport. As you can imagine, that is deeply frustrating for some of us in the sport but that's exactly what Bernie should be trying to do.

"If the teams aren't cohesive enough to work together to claim a larger share of that then they've got to blame themselves.

"I've certainly tried quite hard in that area and clearly not been as successful as I'd like to have been. Bernie's pretty good at moving the pieces around the board, isn't he?"

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