Webber not keen on step down

Wednesday 13-March-2013 14:41

Mark Webber admits he is unlikely to take a step backwards on the F1 grid should Red Bull one day decide his time is up.

Webber has been on one-year rolling contract with Red Bull for the past three years and team principal Christian Horner has admitted they will continue to offer him a new deal if he delivers on the track.

Should the Milton Keynes squad decide not to renew terms then he is likely to get offers from teams lower down the grid.

However, the Australian has revealed he would not be keen on driving for an outfit that is not competitive, unlike former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello, who first moved to Honda and then to Williams following a successful spell at Ferrari.

"For me to finish at Red Bull is quite likely," Webber said.

"But you never know, someone might ring tomorrow with something else. It's a funny old business, Formula One.

"But chopping and changing teams...I admire Rubens for that.

"I couldn't have done what he did in terms of being at the top and winning races and then going back down through teams in Formula One and being in an uncompetitive environment.

"That's something that would be quite difficult. I'm not particularly keen on doing that."

Webber may not have won the title during his time with Red Bull, but he the team are more than happy with his contributions so it's no surprise that they want to continue the relationship.

"We've had our sticky periods here and there in terms of the drivers bumping into each other a little bit, in particular 2010, and certain other parts here and there in other years," he said.

"But when you're getting the results you have been, and if that's the team's position, then it's obviously good to hear."

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