McLaren could 'possibly' revert to old car

Saturday 16-March-2013 11:40

Martin Whitmarsh has refused to rule out McLaren racing last year's car as this year's MP4-28 is proving problematic.

McLaren were left disappointed after the opening day of the season finished with both Jenson Button and Sergio Perez woefully off the pace.

While Whitmarsh admitted to being "worried" about the car's pace, Button spoke of an "obviuos" lack there of while Perez said the team was "struggling".

McLarens woes continued on Saturday where again they were off the pace, raising the question as to whether they would consider reverting to last year's car given the lack of new regulations this season.

Asked the question, Whitmarsh told Autosport:

"It is possible, but I think at the moment the best thing for us is to work and understand this car.

"The season is incredibly long; if you are going to win races and championship you have to develop the car during the whole year.

"We have wanted to give ourselves the scope to do that, and probably if we had stuck on the original concepts of last year's car we would probably be stronger here today.

"But we have made a decision. We will work through this and we will have a car with more potential than we had last year."

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