Button pragmatic about McLaren's woes

Monday 25-March-2013 13:41

Jenson Button is confident McLaren won't be "finishing just inside the points for long" as they are working "flat out" resolve their car issues.

It was another disappointing weekend for McLaren in Malaysia with Button failing to reach the chequered flag and Sergio Perez only strong enough for ninth place.

Button, though, has every confidence that his team will soon return to the front of the field.

"I've been around long enough to know you can't always have a good car," he told the Independent newspaper. "So you all work hard to improve it.

"McLaren won't be finishing just inside the points for long. You give as much feedback as you can and try to direct the team as much as you can.

"There are 700 people in Woking working flat out, producing a car that isn't yet quick enough. That's tough for them, so we've got to keep them positive so they can keep making improvements."

The Brit insisted he's not out to beat any specific driver, whether that be his team-mate new or old, rather he just wanted to get the best out of his MP4-28.

"I just think of going as quick as I can in the car I have. What's the point of thinking about beating this guy or that guy?

"What makes a difference is working your arse off and getting the best out of what equipment you have. It doesn't matter what your competition is.

"I don't play mind games. I'm very straightforward. Checo is very good like that.

"We both said that if we have an issue with each other, we would discuss it face to face, and get over it. Not do it through the media, which is the worst you could do."

Contesting his 13th season in Formula One, the new director of the GPDA, says he still loves the sport.

"We race each other and know who's good and who's not so good. We just love it because we are racing the best drivers in the world.

"When we make a move on someone at the front it means so much to us. Obviously you respect some more than others, but there are a lot of drivers that I respect, that I love to race against and to beat."

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