Button not holding any grudges

Wednesday 27-March-2013 06:01

Jenson Button insists he has no hard feelings towards the mechanic who failed to properly secure his wheel during the Malaysian GP.

Having made a promising start to the race and sitting steady in fifth spot, Button's day went pear-shaped when he exited his pit box to discover that his front right wheel not been properly attached.

The McLaren mechanics wheeled the car back in and put the wheel on correctly, but by the time Button rejoined the race he looked without a hope of getting back into the top ten. He eventually retired with three laps to go.

Despite the costly error, Button refuses to condemn the mechanic at fault.

"The guy on the front-right (wheel) was devastated," said Button.

"I really feel for him because it was such a small mistake and it can cost you dearly, as it did.

"But I don't hold any grudges with anyone. It's a mistake and the guy has apologised."

The mistake comes after McLaren recorded record-breaking fast pitstops last year and as they now look to break below the two second mark.

However, Button feels that in the wake of the incident at Sepang it may be prudent for the team to refocus on reliability rather than raw speed.

"When the guys are quick, they are super quick, but we have to be careful in trying to get them too quick," said the Briton.

"But when it's that fast, you are under pressure, even if the guys say they aren't.

"If you have to do something in that space of time, it's very, very difficult.

"Now we've worked so hard on getting the pit stops as quick as possible, but maybe we have to back off a little to get a bit more consistency."

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