Ricciardo: STR8 has more potential

Tuesday 02-April-2013 12:09

Daniel Ricciardo believes there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to their 2013 model the STR8.

Toro Rosso and Ricciardo didn't really have the best of times during pre-season testing and that form carried over to the first few races of the season as the Australian retired with an exhaust problem in Melbourne while a damaged floor saw him classified as P18 in Malaysia even though he didn't finish the race.

The season is still young though and the 23-year-old believes the STR8 has a lot more potential than it showed in the first two races.

"We were hoping to fight around the Q3 area on Saturdays and still we're quite a long way off there," he said. "We have to work now. In testing it didn't go that well but I think a lot of that was due to the track conditions so we thought 'let's go to Melbourne and see what it's like'. I think we're improving but we are still not where we want to be.

"The basic thing is downforce, every car always wants more donwforce. When you have understeer or oversteer it's usually due to a lack of downforce. I think we have more tools on the car and we can use them better but we're still trying to understand it. There is more potential but not enough is showing at the moment."

As is the case with most teams, Toro Rosso are unlikely to make major upgrades to their car in the next two races in China and Bahrain.

Ricciardo, though, knows when they to do eventually add new bits and pieces to the STR8 in Spain it has to give them a big boost if they are to get ahead of their main rivals.

"In Barcelona that's planned," he said. "I think all the teams bring updates but hopefully that will give us what we are looking for.

"We have quite a lot of things going on with the car that should make it quite a bit better than it was last year. I don't feel we have got the most out of that stuff yet and when we do find it it should make the car better. The thing is a lot of guys are improving and no one will stay where they are. We've got to find a bigger step than everyone else and at the moment we are going with them and not taking the step we need at the moment."

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