Warwick promises Silverstone upgrades

Wednesday 01-May-2013 12:29

British Racing Drivers' Club President Derek Warwick has reiterated that major upgrades to the facilities at Silverstone will avoid a repeat of last year's problems.

Heavy rain in the build up to the 2012 race and on the opening two days of the race weekend saw camping areas waterlogged and access roads turned to mud. So substantial was the damage that ticket holders for Saturday's qualifying with passes for the car parks were told to stay away from the track so that the road could be repaired.

However, Silverstone bosses insist that they have learned from their mistakes and will be implementing an expanded Park and Ride scheme and improving camping facilities and non-tarmac roads.

Warwick has promised that even if the event is once again dogged by rain, there will be no repeat of last year's chaos.

"Obviously if we have the kind of rain we had last year it's difficult for all venues but we've put in kilometres of drainage, we've improved the facilities of all the campsites," Warwick told Sky Sports News.

"We've probably got the best road system of all grands prix. You've got to remember the last ten years we've had no problems at all.

"[Last year] it was a one-off. It did catch us out. We looked after all the people who struggled on the Saturday, we compensated them, but more importantly we have upgraded everything in terms of parking and the campsites.

"There's more drainage, more facilities so we've listened to the people that complained and made it better."

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