All systems go for telemetry upgrade

Thursday 02-May-2013 11:47

The FIA is confident that problems with the electronic cockpit warning system will be fixed in time for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Riedel Communications became Formula One's new supplier of the system at the start of the 2013 season, but drivers were unable to use it during the first four races with the FIA forced to disable it.

Instead it was back to the good old days with drivers having to look out for the flags being waved by the marshals around the track.

However, if things go according to plan than the electronic marshalling system will be up and running at Barcelona next weekend.

"We've been told they've got an upgrade which is going to Barcelona and then it'll be working from there," former F1 driver and occasional race steward Derek Warwick told Reuters.

Stewards haven't dished out as many race penalties so far this year as in previous seasons and, although Warwick admitted that they have been more lenient in dealing with flag infringements, he insists there hasn't been a directive from the FIA.

"You can't blame a driver if we've messed up in terms of the support package," he added.

"The FIA has asked us to be lighter on fines for the drivers, but we still have the same tools available to us for other punishments."

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