Pirelli to investigate failures

Saturday 11-May-2013 07:27

Pirelli are open to altering their tyres after Paul di Resta suffered a failure in the latter stages of Friday's practice in Spain.

The Scot was forced to park his car after the final corner of the Barcelona circuit when his rear left tyre delaminated.

It was a similar issue to what befell Lewis Hamilton last time out in Bahrain when he too lost all the tread off his rear left.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery told Autosport: "It doesn't look pretty when you get the tread coming away like that.

"If anything like that happens, it tends to collapse the tyre on to the rim, so it did not look good. This year we are seeing the tread coming away.

"Visually it looks rubbish. We don't like that and we are looking at seeing if there are things we can do to eliminate that."

Hembery added that Pirelli's decision to change the construction of their tyres for this season could have played a role in the tyre failures.

"Absolutely. That has pushed the failure into a different type of conclusion, so we are looking at what we can do under the constraints that we have."

He added: "The mode of failure this year is much more spectacular visually.

"The tyre was still inflated from what I could see, so the structure did not give way. It was the tread. That is what we have seen in a few other cases.

"The tread has overheated and is coming away. From some point of view it would be better if the structure gave way and collapsed, as it would not look like quite so spectacular.

"In any case, it is not something we like and we are looking at what we can do."

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