Seb talks tyres, tyres and more tyres

Sunday 12-May-2013 16:07

Sebastian Vettel was pleased to finish with a good haul of points in Barcelona, but it was another frustrating day for the German due to the tyres.

The Red Bull driver finished fourth behind Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa at the Circuit de Catalunya, but he was never really able to match the three ahead of him.

For Vettel it was once again a case of the tyres playing too big a role on the outcome of the race as most of the top 10 drivers were forced to stop four times.

"We still finished fourth and got good points," he said. "Sure, we wanted more, but we didn't have the tyres to fight with the guys in front. The beginning of the race didn't look too bad, but we tried to hold onto three stops too much and had to admit we wouldn't make it so I think we can be happy with fourth.

"There's a bit more we need to do with looking after tyres. I think our car is quick enough to match them [Lotus and Ferrari], but if you talk about race distance and on these tyres, it's a different game. It's something we do to the tyres which make them wear more."

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner refused to discuss the issue much after the race.

"Next question please...It is the same for everyone but we all know they [the tyres] are marginal. It's tough we were too tough on them early on and then it was hard," he told BBC Sport.

"When you are telling drivers not to push because we are saving tyres isn't great for the sport of for the fans. We need to push the drivers harder and allow them to drive properly."

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