Whitmarsh: From hero to zero very quickly

Sunday 19-May-2013 09:38

Martin Whitmarsh has adopted a "fairly philosophical" attitude as he continues to be questioned about his role as McLaren's team boss.

Whitmarsh has come in for a barrage of criticism due to McLaren's poor start to this season that has left the Woking team down in sixth place after five grands prix.

However, the McLaren team boss says if the company finds someone better for the job, he'll get over it.

"I've always had a fairly philosophical outlook," he told the Telegraph. "I take the view: 'I'm in the job - if there is someone better, get them.'

"I'll go and do something else. I haven't needed to have this position to be who I am or to achieve what I have wanted."

He added: "I keep myself balanced. That makes you, if not cavalier, at least bolder.

"I'm in a career where the shareholders can decide tomorrow that they want to bring in someone better, that they don't like me any more, and I'm out.

"This is a private company and the shareholders can get rid of me this afternoon if they wish. I might be shocked for a few hours, and then realise that life moves on."

Life, though, is not the only thing that moves on as F1 also changes - and very quickly - as Whitmarsh is well aware.

While for the last few years the team has been fighting to finish on the Championship podium, this season McLaren are battling just to finish in the points.

"Formula One is often a very chastening experience. You go from hero to zero very quickly," said the 55-year-old.

"Since 1966 we have won 186 grands prix, more than any other team over that period, and I have been around for more than 100. That's what we expect of ourselves.

"If people give us aggravation, then rest assured we give ourselves worse. I don't like turning up at a race without the genuine belief that we can win. That's why I go motor racing.

"So this is not a comfortable or sustainable position. But it increases the determination to sort it out."

McLaren, though, are at least on a run of 62 consecutive points-finishes with Whitmarsh contemplating extreme measures should someone end it.

"You think you're going to throttle somebody if they're responsible for ending it. That's how we're hardwired."

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