Pirelli delay new tyre race debut

Thursday 30-May-2013 06:21

Pirelli have announced that they will not race their modified tyres in Canada, opting instead to just test them on the Friday.

After coming in for a barrage of criticism in the wake of the four-stopping Spanish GP, in which several drivers suffered tyre delaminations, Pirelli are set to tweak their tyres.

The Italian manufacturer had initially announced that the revised tyres would be raced in Montreal, however, after talking to the teams have decided to test the rubber first.

The revised tyres, which will incorporate Kevlar instead of a steel belt, will be run in Friday's two practices.

Each driver will be given two sets of the new-spec medium compound to evaluate.

A Pirelli statement read: "The aim of introducing the new tyre is to prevent any instances of the tread detaching itself from the structure.

"However, the performance and wear characteristics of the new tyre will not be significantly different, with the aim of keeping up the spectacle and retaining a strategic element to all the races."

Pirelli now hope to race the revised tyres for the first time at Silverstone at the end of June.

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