Revised Pirellis won't race in Britain

Monday 10-June-2013 12:46

Pirelli will not race their revised tyres in Britain after only managing minimal testing in Canada on Friday.

Pirelli arrived in Canada with their new development tyres, which the Italian manufacturer is hoping will put an end to the delaminations suffered this season.

Although the company gave each driver two sets of the prototype tyres to use in Friday's practices in Montreal, wet weather meant that little testing was done.

As such Hembery says Pirelli will not race the revised tyres at the next race at Silverstone.

"We are not going to race with the new tyre as we did not get much of a chance to test it here [in Canada]," the Pirelli motorsport director told Autosport.

"We have some internal specification changes - process changes - that we think will go the full way to curing the delamination issue that we have seen.

"That is good from many points of view, as it means teams will be working with the same tyre they started the year with.

"But it is probably not good for some teams that are struggling with the front tyre."

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