Kevlar tyres could get the go-ahead

Tuesday 02-July-2013 08:51

Pirelli could confirm as early as Tuesday that it plans to revert to tyres built with a Kevlar casing, to be used at this week's German Grand Prix following the spate of tyre failures at Silverstone.

After the FIA announced on Monday that race drivers would be allowed during the Young Driver Test, reports in the British media suggest that Pirelli will almost certainly use the Kevlar-belt tyres in Germany this week in an attempt to prevent a possible driver boycott.

'It is understood the Italian manufacturer will issue a statement today, with a switch from steel to Kevlar belts - which it intended to make in Canada last month before the change was blocked by a handful of teams - coming into effect immediately,' The Daily Telegraph reported.

Earlier, both Red Bull boss Christian Horner and his McLaren counterpart Martin Whitmarsh suggested that Pirelli use last year's compounds instead, but because there is just one week between the races at Silverstone and the Nurburgring, that was deemed unfeasible.

"A return to 2012 tyres, which also featured Kevlar belts, would have been the preferred solution this weekend but there is insufficient time to prepare them given the five-day turnaround from Sunday's race to Friday's first practice session at the Nurburgring," The Daily Telegraph continued.

"The use of 2012 tyre structures, with 2013 compounds, is likely to come into effect from Hungary at the end of July."

The publication also suggests that Pirelli has private tests lined up at Paul Ricard and Barcelona over the next couple of weeks.

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