Pirelli confirm Kevlar switch

Tuesday 02-July-2013 12:31

Pirelli confirmed on Tuesday that the tyres that will be used for the German Grand Prix will be strengthened in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the multiple blow-outs that occurred at Silverstone.

At this weekend's race at the Nurburgring, the rear tyres on all the cars will features an internal belt made out of Kevlar rather than steel, as was the case at the British Grand Prix. The fronts will remain the same as they have been the entire season.

At the Hungarian Grand Prix at the end of this month, Pirelli will then revert back to the compounds used in 2012.

The change has been made in an attempt to make the tyres more resistant to punctures and cuts.

Speaking after Sunday's race, Pirelli boss Paul Hembery said that an investigation to find the cause of the tyre failures was ongoing and that they hope to find the root of the problem "as soon as possible ahead of the next Grand Prix".

Kevlar is a type of reinforced, flexible fibre that is particularly resistant to punctures, while the operating temperature of the tyre is reduced by about 10C, which could affect competitiveness between cars.

Previously, three teams objected to the use of Kevlar after Pirelli revealed that they wanted to make use of it during the Canadian and British Grands Prix.

However after a rules change that allowed the FIA to make changes to the Technical Regulations during the season without the unanimous agreement of competing teams, Pirelli was allowed to switch to Kevlar regardless of the protests.

Although the tyres that will be used at the Hungaroring and beyond also make use of Kevlar in the carcass, they are of a different design.

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