Red Bull tweak pit-lane procedure

Friday 12-July-2013 08:29

Mark Webber's wheel incident at the German Grand Prix has prompted Red Bull to change their pit-stop procedure with immediate effect.

The right-rear from Webber's RB9 was not properly attached after his stop at the Nurburgring and it went flying through the air, hitting FOM cameraman Paul Allen and leaving him with a broken collarbone and broken ribs.

The accident resulted in the FIA and FOM banning all television crews from the pit lane, leaving team personnel and marshals as the only ones given access during all Formula One sessions.

Red Bull also launched an investigation and have submitted their findings to the FIA and the other 10 teams on the grid.

The report states Webber's car was released after the "go" signal was accidentally sent by the right rear-gun man.

The right-rear nut cross-threaded and while he attempted to remove it, the wheel gun slipped in his hands, resulting in him accidentally depressing the trigger to the man on the front jack, who in turn released the car.

Red Bull will now make changes to the system to make sure the "go" signal cannot be sent by accident.

The front jack man has also been told not to release the car until all the wheels of the car have been fitted and fastened.

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