Maldonado: Restrictions hampered us

Friday 19-July-2013 11:18

Pastor Maldonado reckons the restrictions imposed on race drivers at this week's Silverstone test have made it impossible to truly judge the impact of the new tyres.

The Williams driver reckons that once the FIA and Pirelli clarified that race drivers would not be allowed to run with new parts or tweak set-up during tyre runs, it became clear that this week's test would not deliver a clear picture about what to expect in Hungary.

"We could change nothing," the Williams driver told Autosport about the restrictions imposed. "No starts; no set-ups, no pressures. Nothing.

"It was quite limited by Pirelli and the FIA, so we just tested the different compounds of tyres they give us - medium, hard and prototype.

"I think we still need to work around these tyres to find out more - but we couldn't do it today because we were a bit limited. It will be interesting to work around the tyres and see if the car can improve around them."

Nevertheless, Maldonado does think the 2012 tyre construction should perform more consistently.

"I think there is an improvement in terms of reliability and performance," he said.

"Maybe the tyres are not quicker than what we had in the past, but they are very consistent, which is quite good.

"But we don't have exactly a clear idea because we don't know - as always in testing. We don't' know what the others are testing but it seems to be quite normal and good."

As far as Williams is concerned, Maldonado is hopeful that a recent technical reshuffle, which will see Pat Symonds join the outfit as its new technical chief in place of Mike Coughlan, will have a positive impact down the line.

Symonds won't be a miracle fix, says the Venezuelan, but his arrival is a cause for optimism.

"With Pat, it is going to be very interesting," he said. "He is new in the team and will need some time to make everything work together.

"But he has been very successful in the past and is quite good - so I hope we can improve together, work very hard and before the end of the season achieve something very good."

Though Williams have struggled all season, failing to score a single point to date, Maldonado says everyone is pushing to find a solution.

"I have been working with all the technical people in the team - and we have tried to solve the problems. Sometimes we struggle to solve them, but many times we have been quite good at gaining the solutions," he said.

"Maybe that is going to help the team to keep improving. Or maybe not. Who knows? I hope it is going to help, fingers crossed."

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