'Sutil aggressively crossed my line'

Monday 26-August-2013 10:16

Pastor Maldonado stopped short of blaming Adrian Sutil for his collision with Paul di Resta but has stated that the German "crossed my line in a very aggressive way."

Battling with Esteban Gutierrez for position, Maldonado ran wide at the Bus Stop chicane and tagged Sutil as he rejoined.

The impact resulted in the Williams driver colliding with di Resta who retired while Maldonado was handed a ten-second stop-go penalty for the accident.

"I was touched by Adrain before [hitting di Resta] and the car jumped and I lost control," Maldonado said.

"We crossed lines because I let go of the steering wheel - it was quite hard, the impact with Adrian. I was disappointed for the penalty because I think it was caused by the first touch with Sutil. I'm disappointed and I'm disappointed for di Resta.

"I ran wide because Gutierrez pulled me a bit wider. I was trying to recover the line and Sutil, as soon we were between the corners in the middle of the chicane, was crossing my line going from the outside to the inside.

"He touched my front wing, part of the front wing went under the car and I lost traction from the front of the car so there was nothing I could do. It was nothing to do with di Resta, I was completely compromised by Sutil."

Pressed as to whether he blamed Sutil, the Venezuelan driver said: "It's hard to say, this corner is very difficult because they come one after another.

"He crossed my line in a very aggressive way. I didn't defend, I didn't do anything, I was crossed by him. "

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