FIA ready to extend Pirelli deal

Sunday 08-September-2013 12:34

Jean Todt says he's ready to extend Pirelli's F1 deal as long as the all the teams and Bernie Ecclestone are "happy."

Recently reports emerged claiming that the FIA, of which Todt is president, were set to put out a tender in order to decide next year's tyre supplier.

That news came on the back of reports that Michelin were interested in making a return to Formula One.

However, Todt now says he's ready to renew Pirellis contract if it "unanimous" that all the teams and Ecclestone want the Italian company to stay on.

"If everybody says we are very happy, then what is the point going to a tender?," said the Frenchman.

"If it is unanimous to go in a direction and then if I go to a tender you know what people will say? (They'll say) 'He is against Pirelli so he does a tender to try to make it Michelin'."

He added: "I know exactly what needs to be done but at the moment there are some discussions that need to be undertaken, some discussions with the teams, some discussions with the commercial rights holders.

"I know Michelin has demonstrated some interest. But at the end of the day we will do the things that need to be done. But I will not do something which does not create a consensus."

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